hot air balloon accident

I posted a post about a hot air balloon accident on the site about two or three months ago and then once it was shut down i reposed it on my facebook page on the 17 of june. My prediction was we just had a hot air balloon accident going in to power lines but there was going to be another one here is my original post:


psychic prediction
by michael vanders

Hot air balloon accident, I see in my meditations a hot air balloon going into some power lines. After seeing this I went online to see if there had been anything like this happening and I turns out that there was a accident not that long ago but with being in the UK I hadn’t heard about it.
I feel that this image I see during my meditation is that there will be another incident with a hot air balloon going into some power lines and the power lines are them big pillion ones you have on the electric grid that are supercharged.
I feel that this accident will be here in the UK or near the UK.

Maybe me feeling the accident was going to be in the uk was wrong, the main vision i had was the baloon going in to the powerlines, me thinking it may be in the uk was psychic intuition which i may of got wrong , I don’t know how common these accidents are but i think what I see may of been this accident.


I have copied the news article for u to see

Hot-Air Balloon Collides with Power Lines in Massachusetts (VIDEO)

07/21/2014 at 08:55 AM EDT


A hot-air balloon crashed into power lines in a Massachusetts neighborhood, injuring five people on board.

The Federal Aviation Administration tells Boston’s WBZ-TV that the balloon was attempting to land in the residential area in Clinton, Massachusetts, when it hit the power lines around 7:40 p.m. Saturday. Five people on board were burned.

Witnesses tell the TV station there was a huge explosion when the balloon hit the power lines. One witness, Bob King, tells the station he was surprised the balloon riders survived. He says he thought “they were gone.”

The FAA says it will investigate the crash.




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