My memories of the Afterlife

My experience of the Afterlife.  And the start of some of some big problems

I have some memories of my last life, and I have my memory from the last time I arrived in the Afterlife spirit realm. These memories have gradually started to come back to me over life and the reason for this is because of my psychic skills, and also because of me developing these skills. I will tell you a little about how it is on the other side but first I will let you know where I came from before I died as then my story will make more sense to you.


 In my dreams I kept seeing this beautiful house that was built round a raised park.  There were a few houses around the park. The houses went all the way down to the ground level and then the park was raised to the height of the first level and you could go up into the park and there was little walkway bridges that connected the park to the first floor level of the houses and I think that may of been the way in to the houses. I kept having this dream from time to time and I thought to myself I wish I lived some where nice like that. I have found out from a spirit that the house I keep seeing in my dreams –  that is the house where I used to live in my last life, and that I also used to be a teacher in my last life and that I had won the lottery. And I thought that may have been why I had such a nice house maybe. I had a wife, her name was Deborah and she died before me I haven’t got any memories from this last life except seeing the house. The rest of the information I have got about it is from the spirit telling me about it. A spirit told me that the house was in the north of England. I currently live in the south of England. The spirit did also tell me that I would start to remember things from my last lives some time in the future so when more of it starts coming back to me one day then I would like to find out where this house was and who I used to be. Anyway moving on to the end of my last life, when I died just like every one does and will do at one point in their life when their time has come. And my memory starts from the moment I arrived at the spirit realm. All of a sudden I was there and I was in a corridor and I was annoyed that I was back there again. And I said ‘Grrrrrr I am f****** here again!’ I remembered being there before even though now I can’t remember about the times before that I was there. But I do remember this time and I didn’t like it on the other side. A spirit also told me years ago that I didn’t like it on the other side before this information and memories had come back to me. At the time I knew where I was and that I had been there before but I was not sure on what there was to do there.

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The life vessel body I rushed in to was destined for problems within child hood. Which I later in childhood I found out when I was sent to live with my father.

I started to get my psychic abilities when I was between 6 to 7ish I think. One time I looked at the sun setting and some info seemed to come to me that my mother was going to send me away to live with my father. And there I was going to have big problems though childhood there. Which for the moment, I don’t want to go in to. And I told my mother about this sort of info that came to me as I was looking at the sunset and she said that that wouldn’t happen. And I said yes it will I have seen it. And not long after my mother met a new man and after a year of us living with this new man and me being there, my prophecy had come true. And she sent me to Holland to live with my father ware I had to injure some big problems.

 suffering pic 01

Years later I found out from a spirit that because I rushed into the 1st to be reborn room without checking what was destined to happen in that life. All the big problems I had been though could of been avoided. If I just took a little time to choose the right life then most of the big problems I have been though could of been avoided (every life had some problems but most not as big as this life i jumped in to) usually these to be Reborn rooms that are destined to have big problems are usually left empty I didn’t have to go in to this reborn room i could of gone in another. Usually after a certain period the reborn room will close and if no one by then has got in the person carrying the baby will miscarriage. This happens all early on in pregnancy and is not always the cause but is mostly the reason the miscarriage rate being so high during the early stages of pregnancy. And this is the reason for the 1st three months being the high risk period.


This life I got in should of been left empty, But I jumped in without checking,

But i am here now and most of the problems now are in the past now.

A spirit told me often of when u hear of children having big problems most of the time it was because of similar soles like me rushing in and not checking what is destined to happen within the life they are about to get in, Its mostly that.

Next time round when I am in the afterlife I plan on thoroughly taken my time.

In this experience of life what does not destroy u ultimately makes u stronger


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