Here are some deep and meaning full hiphop songs buy Killah priest they have a astro projection theme and they have very far out lirics

defiantly boarding on the psychic and paranormal. I thought considering the theme of the songs  it would be cool  to put on my site.


here is the tune check it out:


These are the lyrics:

[Intro: sample]
Its true! It’s a tiny little planet
I leave it sometimes and travel all over the universe
I go to other galaxies and visit strange alien planets
I zoom right through things like meteor showers
And skim over black holes
It’s exciting

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]
Children of the lower worlds less fortunate
From the orphanage, tear drops, coffin lids
The upper world feels your pain
120.000 years of rain for the young and the slain
Your memory last for centuries
A tribute for what you been through, may your life continue
Live on on other planets where you see the great ones standing
Even though they took life for granted
It’s like the untold stories of Kelvin Martin
Investigation found the macs and volts in his apartment
The informant, mob cops, crime bosses
And cover ups, FBIs and flying saucers
Watching night watch, online love affairs and true crimes
Congregation of Masons showing new signs
Government conspiracies
The X9 hollow in the hands of this Killa Bee
Jericho flesh build Walls around my mind from a speck of dust
To my exodus to the black holes to the nebulas
I hear mystic messengers in raindrops
Crack the code of the crop, my brain locks
Then slide out the chamber
Ink sprays all over the paper, the diary books of a gangster

[Break: Killah Priest]
Welcome you to the New Reality
I welcome you to the New Reality

[Verse 2: Killah Priest]
No more prosecutors’ excitement remarkable federal indictments
Million dollar drug bust while thugs discuss
Mathematical enlightenment with masterful writing
Mind travel need no license, just high science
And incredible rhyming what happened to Tyson?
They killed his mind, he stopped fighting
Early eighties the man was a giant
A nightclub owner secret friends with two Columbian drug lords
They all traffickers, Saint Valentine’s Day blood massacre
The heart in my chest is the shape of Africa

My brain is lavender
Accepting calls from 9/11 plane passengers
They say they never aboard the government used remote
So let’s revolt, someone cut the cord, at night the sky ignite
What’s that falling fiery rings I am king
From higher heights I sit beyond the neon cloud
For aeon my name rings out loud the future is now
Eternal life is in the journals I write
Exit, I exist as one, there is none besides the Son
Beyond boundaries without change of movement
Only elements and ruins concealed within myself
Thoughts of a seahorse submerge deep in the cosmic water
I breathe the source of life then force planets
Small to gigantic, gave them commandments
The wings of the wind, fly by flapping across the entire atlas


If you liked the last tune you got to check out the next

It don’t have a music video but it is even more far out.

With this tune its all about the lyrics


Heavy Mental by Killah Priest


here are the lyrics 


Information begins the gathering

Starting the pattern and stargate towards Saturn
Between the eye socket is where I will build my sky rocket
You don’t need any passport, all you need is a thought
Suddenly, the soul becomes hot as coal
The flame blows from out my brain holes like a volcano
The brain begins to process as we start the conquest
From out the physical bondage, the thought
Launches, voyaging 144 billion light years through the shadows of your imaginination
Now open your eyes do you see the flaming arrows aiming at pharoahs inhibitions
As we begin-racing like a sparrow through the narrow population
Seeking purification, the destination is the holy land, of Bethlehem
I eat lamb with Abraham and break bread with the son of man
So slowly, hold these hands and stretch forth from the skies like a rubber band
As I begin to step you above the land out of the atmosphere
Don’t look back why, cause we’re almost there
Just try to prepare and adapt to the air pressure
Now we searching for the mental treasure (pleasure)
Beyond the measure of yards
You can’t comprehend to god or to distance between stars
Pick up quasars inside the radar
As we’re going far past any astronaut
Moving so fast in this aircraft
Everything we pass get hot, from the take-off
The blast turns glass into rocks
At last my supreme task was to no longer walk on green grass
Till I become a beam of gas
And travel through a extreme draft
Unable, to be picked up through cable (through cable)
Out of the reach of all manner of sky examiners, heaven scanners
Giant antennas, high tech space cameras
Or evidence in any cemetry or obituary
Not found in any library or dictionary or encyclopedia or media
I’m in star mode, with the discipline of dahmo, I broke the U.S. bar code
Now I’m on Allah’s road to journey, into the realms of the cosmos
Where only god knows or goesl, blow like a UFO
To give up my work clothes, only to glow with a holy robe
And explode through the mysterious black holes
Deep warp the outer zone, without a phone, to the unknown
To sit on my throne alone (Heavy Mental)
I’m the pilot on galactical plain of knowledge the culture
My sculpture, lights up the ultra violet
So you could see my brain is symbolic, to a palace
Therefore I keep my hair stylish, my flesh solid
My teeth polished, next stage, examin my x-ray
Take notes for your essay, and let my casette play for longer than a decade
As we begin to blaze, through the milky ways
Repenting from our filthy ways, replenish for our guilty days
The eyeballs, swell up the size of eggs, beyond dreamland
Wing span, 7 feet, between the eyes is the beak
Destination of the ride, is to reach is the peak, angelic landscape
Takes the physical man behind the hidden gates of space
Ultimate escapes as we go at a phenomenal rate
As we cruise going into magnitude
As we break up into a multitude of molecules
Going through a long hollow tube with a scholars view
As, we wearing the white garment, passing sound waves
That’s supersonic, passing the comets, star clusters
Changing my physical structure, till my lips begin to pucker
Kissing Christ at the last supper
Grabbing a brass cup of wine (Heavy Mental)
I feel myself getting older, sitting on my sofa
In the position like yoga, till my mind passes over
The solar system, my wisdom nova, I am the controller
I begin to loosen up my shoulders forming each joint
Into the suns 8 points, then I, begin to rise like helium
Escape in the milleniumm, two thousand
Meditating to the soft note of a violin
I’ve been on Mars, building the holy synagogue
For the royal seminars, long before they had the renaissance
There existed a hebrew lodge
 (Heavy Mental)
A phenomenon from out of the matrix
The world looks at me with envy and hatred
Just because I appear to them half naked
Rising into a spaceship
With an arm full of solid gold bracelets
A phenomenon from out of the matrix (Heavy Mental)
Now the only time (Heavy Mental)
The only time you should catch.. (Heavy Mental)
Only time, you could have
Jet lag is if your cassette drag.. (Heavy Mental)
Rock a by ? (Heavy Mental)
Yo, just chill (Heavy Mental)
Stop the tape (Heavy Mental)
(STOP IT!) Heavy Mental








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