~ big Solar flare events forecast ~

Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31

psycic perdiction
by michael vanders

There will be two events of solar flares that will have a devastating effect on our technology. There is a satellite that monitors the sun that will be knocked out. And all electrical appliances that are switched on or in standby when this happens will break with the exception off air craft as they have something built in to protect from such an event.

The 1st knock out from the sun should happen not far away from now, anytime within the next year and a half most likely within this period if not it won’t be much longer and it will happen in the nighttime period in the UK.

The next second event
will be some time later, I don’t know when the second event is but some years later. Some things were said to me about this is in a spiritual encounter with my dead grandfather years ago, and where I
am currently doing daily spiritual meditations I keep seeing the sun and there are black spots not sure on what the black spots mean but I am sure on is that seeing the sun it has some significance.

My advice is keep some candles in the house. And fully switch off your electrical equipment when not using it.


this knock out from the sun will come not long after another big event

i will update on this info more later




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    • not shore hope they have something built in to protect them, I am not totally shore on what electrical equipment it will affect, i know plains have something built in to protected them from such an event. i am fairly shore if u have your computer on when this happens it will brake. i have a feeling fridges and freezer will be ok, so when i said all electrical equipment i may not be totally right but i think a lot of what is on or in stand by will brake


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