hazy sky scraper vision of problems to come

I keep seeing a sky scraper in my visions with a slanted roof but I have looked online and i cant find it any ware, I think I am seeing this in a clue format than rather than seeing it for what it is. I get visions like that sometimes I think the spirit realm some times gives me visions in this way for certain spiritual reasons.

So my forecast for you is there will be a skyscraper in the world with a slanted roof that will have some major problems I think these will be structural.




You can also view some of my predictions on my friends Fefe’s site knowitthext.

Please can u leave your comments for my predictions on my own site michaelvanders.com as it will be easier for me to manage and respond if i have the time.

If you want to leave a comment about my predictions on the knowitnext site then feel free to do so.

On fefe’s site you will find many psychic’s posting there predictions.

click the link below to visit knowitnext



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