~ Aspartame sweetener causes brain damage ~



I previously have posted a prediction about this on the original knowthenext.com site which was shut down. Before it got shut down i could sense and see that something was not right with the site, so i salvaged all my predictions and put them on my facebook as well then the site got shut down. And it was silly really because once some of the big predictions had of come true the site would of been massive. But maybe it was meant to be this way before the big stuff happens so now we can put the info out there our self’s, so here is my origonal knowthenext.com prediction:



psychic prediction
by michael vanders

Aspartame sweetener causes brain damage and there are 1000s of people in the world living with this condition not knowing where it came from. In the future in will become apparent and there will be mass lawsuits against the companies who put this poison in foods and drinks.
In Holland years ago it got band from most products because they found out it was carcinogenic but here in the UK they have been steadily been putting it in our foods and drinks making it out to be with no sugar or low in fat can you believe they are even putting this shit in our kids drinks. I regularly have to check the
ingredient’s before giving my children a drink from the shop with in the past thinking no added sugar that is good and then later finding out it has aspartame in it



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  1. I recently found out after buying normal lemonade that it had aspartame it in, I usually avoid the no sugar drinks because they usually have it in or some sort of sweetener but now it seems to be even in some of the regular drinks . A little annoying considering I just only bought it but it had to go straight in the bin, Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar so I would imagine it is really cheep and cost effective to sweeten something up like a surgery drink, But as all ways within this world making loads of profit is more important than health risks. my advice if u live in one of these countrys that put this s*** in your foods always check the ingredients 1st before consuming.


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