New type of material prediction

I previously have posted a prediction about this on the original site which was shut down. Before it got shut down i could sense and see that something was not right with the site, so i salvaged all my predictions and put them on my facebook as well then the site got shut down.  So here is my origonal prediction


New type of material prediction: The world will discover a new type of material that will be able to withstand the super high temperature of magma. And we will be able to bond this material with chemicals.
With it allowing us one day in the future will be able build craft that will be able to travel under the world’s magma ocean. One thing that science has got wrong about the planet is that the center of the planet is not solid but it is also made of magma.
Once we find this out with this new material the world will design craft that will take us from one side of the world to the other going through the
center of the planet. This will make it much quicker to travel around the world



You can also view some of my predictions on my friends Fefe’s site knowitthext.

Please can u leave your comments for my predictions on my own site as it will be easier for me to manage and respond if i have the time.

If you want to leave a comment about my predictions on the knowitnext site then feel free to do so.

On fefe’s site you will find many psychic’s posting there predictions.

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