~ iceage perdiction ~


I previously have posted a prediction about this on the original knowthenext.com site which was shut down. Before it got shut down i could sense and see that something was not right with the site, so i salvaged all my predictions and put them on my facebook as well then the site got shut down. And it was silly really because once some of the big predictions had of come true the site would of been massive. But maybe it was meant to be this way before the big stuff happens so now we can put the info out there our self’s, so here is my origonal knowthenext.com prediction:


Global warming causing ice age prediction


Within the the next 5 years global warming will trigger the start of the next ice age.
Global warming has already melted ice creating fresh water hitting the salty gulfstream water of the conveyer at its northern point. It has already started to slow and will come to a stop within the next 5 years. It’s not the north pole ice caps that will bring it to a stop but it’s the Greenland ice sheet melting which will cause the conveyer to stop or maybe a combination of the two. What I do know is that Greenland’s ice sheets massively melting will be the main
culprit. With it starting a next ice age which will last for 1000 years approx. It was fresh water hitting the conveyer that started the last ice age. We can expect a repeat of history with something
similar happening to our world’s climate as approx 20,000 years ago.
The E. U will be the most affected place in the world with the UK and Holland having longer winters and temperatures sometimes as cold as -50. And Scandinavia will become unlivable in the winters with temperatures in the -100. There will be a mass migration going south as loads of people will move for milder winters and better temperatures. Tropical places won’t really be affected.

– Psychic prediction submitted by Michael Vanders
date posted in u.s.a date format: 04/23-2014




here is a intresting documentry that shows u how it might happen









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