u.f.o prediction

I previously have posted a prediction about this on the original knowthenext.com site which was shut down. Before it got shut down i could sense and see that something was not right with the site, so i salvaged all my predictions and put them on my facebook as well then the site got shut down.  So here is my origonal knowthenext.com prediction:


U. F. O prediction, a spirit told when I was a child that a real U.F.O will arrive on earth in 2015 and the whole world we see it and it will be shot down. The spirit told me also that it will the 1st real U.F.O since Samarian times, that’s when there were some real U.F.Os, all since then have been fakes. I am about 90% that I remembered the right date 2015, it was a long time ago. Also my dead spirit granddad confirmed it to me it would happen.

– Psychic prediction submitted by Michael Vanders
U.S.A DATE FORMAT 04/22-2014

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