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Southend-On-Sea England plain crash prediction

I live in southend-on-sea and during my recent psychic development meditations I been doing over the last few months. I keep seeing images of planes with people boarding and it looked to me like maybe it was at southend-on-sea airport because i have flown from there and u have to use a staircase to get in to the plane as the boarding aria is outside because it is a small air port i am shore other small airports are the same the but my feeling was it was in southend-on-sea. And in my meditations I have also seen planes crashing but didn’t know ware or why because the images lacked in detail and wore vivid. But recently in my meditations regarding the planes they have become more detailed and in my meditation I see a plane boarding at southend-on-sea airport uk and then the plane taking of and a bird flying in to one of the engines totally knocking out one of its engines. Because of this the plane will be forced to circle round to line up to the run way that is for landing but the plane will fall short and crash with in this aria i have marked out in this picture

    plain crash aria1 

  Its unbelievable the sheer amount of damage these small little animals can do

I think the plain will have a bird fly in to its left engine most likely and will be forced to circle round to line up to land again north bound, The plane will be flying very low, but wen trying to line up for the runway to land it wont be able to make the last turn that is needed because of the left engine being knocked out, so it will be forced to try and land in the field in the circle I have marked out but the landing will cause the fuel to erupt killing all on board

Here are some details i am not 100% shore of , But i am fairly shore of

I think the bird that will fly into the engine will be a seagull.

and i think the plane may be a easy jet plane

I have also been seeing a ryanair air plain in my meditations just boarding  but they don’t fly from southend-on-sea

and i think the ryanair plain is another event.

I don’t know if southend has any birds of pray working at the the air port to keep the birds away, if they haven’t then this event could of been avoided

If they do then it must be bad luck.

With this prediction and all predictions they are liable to a 30% change  due to a free will factor that can change events.

So the probability of this prediction coming true and its accuracy is 70%

I think with this event there will be no survivors

I hope i a wrong.

and i hope this event never takes place


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