1. yeah I see them did you do the drawings your self they are good, I like you writings you are very talented with writings, I plan at one point to set up my own religion when the time is right. A big part of it will be similar to spiritualism. I would like to run it as a non-profit organisation, any profits that are made will go to expanding or to charities or good causes. I would like to help the homeless in the u.s.a i think in some places there are to meany people having to live ruff i would like to build homeless shelters for these people to make it a little easier on them. I also would like to buy buildings and turn them in to spiritualist churches with my own twist on it ware people can come and get free readings any enjoy a service and maybe sing some song if they want to get some of that positive energy out there

    Thank you the site is getting there still want to ad loads more content.
    My site is still a little like work in progress I thought it would be good to have my own site as well in case in the future sites can get shut down. So if i have my own one as well then i don’t need to worry about the problem that we had with knowthenext.com.
    I been putting on links to your site and from my posts to this site so it looks like we have been exchanging visitors which is good :). xx


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