Iran is going to try and send a nuclear bom to london by boat its target will be the isle of dogs psychic’s will try and stop it it is still not clear whether it will be successful or not my money is on that it will be stopped, this is still some years away

HIV and hep-c cure on its way

 soon this will be a thing of the passed 🙂


The cure is on its way you should know about it soon

And then the cure will take some time to develop it will arrive approximately

in 2017

i may be out with these dates as most of my predictions have been premature but its on its way in the near future

Also a full cure for all forms of hep-c is on its way

and a antidote for rabies  

This will all come from a man that has gone through a life time of periods of suffering and torment.

to be abble to bring you the cures for these diseases.


The man who is will bring this cure to the world is currently living in England

and i know who this person is but this person currently wants to remain anonymous.

So i wont be revealing his identity just yet you will all have to find out for you self’s.

The cure has been sent to the world by the spirit realm and god

And it is to give people a second chance.


one small warning


 After when this cure has come there will be new life long super viruses

that will arrive to the world.

So don’t stop wearing protection or u could end up with the next life long super virus.




hazy sky scraper vision of problems to come

I keep seeing a sky scraper in my visions with a slanted roof but I have looked online and i cant find it any ware, I think I am seeing this in a clue format than rather than seeing it for what it is. I get visions like that sometimes I think the spirit realm some times gives me visions in this way for certain spiritual reasons.

So my forecast for you is there will be a skyscraper in the world with a slanted roof that will have some major problems I think these will be structural.




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