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I previously have posted a prediction about this on the original knowthenext.com site which was shut down. Before it got shut down i could sense and see that something was not right with the site, so i salvaged all my predictions and put them on my facebook as well then the site got shut down.  So here is my origonal knowthenext.com prediction:



Global pollution levels will rise over the years and the world will only do something about it right at the last minute. It will get so bad that people living in mainland places like mainland Russia will get seriously ill and some will die .
That’s what it will take before the worlds people will act to save our people. People living on costal areas will be some of the best off with the some of the best air available. Once the world has taken action to solve this problem we will do so by putting everything on to electricity cars buses trucks and all machines will all be electric.
The only
one exception will be aircraft they will still run on oil fuels. All electricity generated will be from green sources. There will mass advancement in electrical transport and technology. The majority
of electricity generated for the electrical grid will be generated from artificial generated solar flares that are made on earth.

They will find a way to harness the power of solar flares and generate them into electricity. This will all happen within the next 12 years most likely to be sooner than later.

– Psychic prediction submitted by Michael Vanders

original date posted in u.s.a date format 04/26-2014




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